Client Story Winner!

Congratulations to Cherie Miller, WINNER of 2 Ticket Packages to one of our Official Events!

Client Story Winner

We asked our previous clients from the past couple of years to tell us about their experiences and journey at one of their excursions with QuintEvents!

We posted all of the stories, chose 5 finalists, and our Facebook fans chose our WINNER, Cherie Miller! Check out her story below and see why she was voted to WIN 2 Ticket Packages to one of our Official Events!  Read the Winning story below! 

My husband is the typical workaholic. For the last 40 years he always had a project that needs to be worked on. I have found it almost a painstaking chore to drag him away from his latest to do list to get him to take some time for a little rest and relaxation. Usually when I plan a few days away from his normal routine he drags his feet until the very last minute before I can even get him to throw a couple of things into his travel bag. 

But, despite his disinterest in leaving his work behind, I manage to plan a trip each year. Adding to his lack of not wanting to get away was his frustration that not every trip that I had planned in the past delivered as promised. 

One of the places I have always wanted to see was the Kentucky. I have especially wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby for as long as I can remember. I spent some time looking on the internet for ideas about the perfect Kentucky Derby getaway and ran across QuintEvents. The idea of planning another trip for the two of us seemed daunting. But from reading about it on the internet it seemed like the way to guarantee the perfect trip. 

QuintEvents included the whole experience; lodging, transport to and from Churchill Downs, seats, hospitality and so much more. I went ahead and booked the trip and several weeks before the trip a surprise arrived in the mail. That evening as we opened the box and a bugle began to sound the “Call to Post.” The box was filled with everything we needed for our trip and a whole bunch of neat promotional items. 

Although he hardly stuck around look through each and every detail, as he needed to get back to work, I knew that the package had peaked his interest. Over the next few weeks hardly a day would go by when I would hear the “Call to Post” as the box opened. As the day neared for our trip of course my excitement was building but I could tell that his was too. I knew that he had been examining the items from inside the QuintEvents box.  

Unlike our other trips our departure for our long overdue vacation went off without a hitch. In fact, my husband seemed excited to go. When we arrived in Kentucky it was all that we expected and more, QuintEvents had thought of everything. Our hotel was both a luxury and a convenience. QuintEvents provided transportation to and from all of the events at Churchill downs. We had amazing seats for each of the races and exceptional hospitality at the track. And most importantly, we both had a great time with no stress or worry. It was the trip of a lifetime. 

Since returning from the trip I have raved to my friends and family about the outstanding experience we had at the Kentucky Derby and on the rest of our trip. Several friends have even asked for the website so that they could plan a trip to the Derby. My husband even mentioned to me that I could plan “a trip like that again.” I know that I couldn’t have even dreamed up the package that QuintEvents put together for us. The best part… my husband had a great time too, he didn’t give his work a thought the whole week. 

Thanks QuintEvents!